Hello students,

In case you are confused – a gentle reminder that the college cancelled classes this week for ALL of us to get organized. So none of you have projects due this week. I sent out emails for google drive links to submit projects. I’m looking for them to be uploaded next week by your class day. ( This is only for Animation and Illustrator 1 who have projects due.)

Obviously you can work ahead, and Id recommend that if you are finished with a project. I will post updates in your individual class websites so its even more clear.

Happy Wednesday. 😉


Google Drive

Good morning, students!

I sent out an email from my personal gmail account with a shared folder on Google Drive.

Let’s plan on you uploading your files there – and then I will post them here (click on new menu item “Critique Hub”!

Hope you woke up with a smile today. Thought we might need a little inspiration from Frida…

Computer access

If you do not have a computer to use to access Adobe programs and our assignments PLEASE let me know ASAP.

This website can obviously be viewed on your phone, but you can’t create your assignments on your phone.

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