“Thoughtful Review” Critique Setting

Want to see Professor Derek Anstis in Critique Mode? Join him this Thursday

Thoughtful Review


Thursday, September 15th, 5pm – 7pm 

(please arrive by 4:45p when the doors lock)


The Cultural Council for Palm Beach County

601 Lake Avenue, Lake Worth, FL 33460

Conference Room (ETC)


Molly Aubry

Autumn Kioti


Professor Derek Anstis


Your curiosity, a way to take notes, and any drinks/snacks you 

may want to bring, for yourself, or to share 

(please keep COVID safety protocols in mind).

Studio visits…

Hello students!

Lots of information for the first week of classes.. lets bring things closer to home – your studio. 

Above is a video of a latest piece. You can also find a video of me giving you a tour of my studio in Canvas under “Announcements.”

Whether your studio is your sketchbook, your dining room table or a room for you own (Have you read Virginia Wolf’s “Room of One’s Own”? )… a studio is so important for an artist and designer. A place to be messy, to let ideas linger and work, work, work. Being an artist/designer is work! But little by little or “Bird by Bird” (as Anne Lamott says) you will have a hard drive of design files, a bookshelf full of sketchbooks and a body of work to exhibit. Trust in yourself.

Studios are important to both fine artists and graphic designers.. stumbled upon these cool links and wanted to share.

Artists and their studios

Artists and their studios (2)

Inspring Workspaces of the Famously Creative 

What does your “studio” look like? 

Job opps: Work study?

Photo by Dan Cristian Pu0103dureu021b on Pexels.com

Hello artists!

The Fine Art and Graphic Design Department is looking for a few student assistants to help with the gallery and misc administrative tasks and some design work. You have to be on Financial Aid and have Work Study as part of your aid package. It’s $13/hr for up to 20 hours a week, working completely around your schedule.

Interested? Let me know! millerk1@palmbeachstate.edu

Also, the Cultural Council of Palm Beach County in downtown Lake Worth is advertising a great opportunity for a student intern. Check it out!

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