What is UI Design?

UI Design is the design of our User Interface – our experiences on all of our various devices. From mobile first technology to desktops to tablets and more, UI Design is about maximizing your digital experience. UI Designers study design, code, psychology and develop algorithms that mimic our digital habits. What do you look for in the design of an app or website? As we have discussed in class many times, minimalism is the key these days.. Have the minimalism movement encourage you to ask the question: Can I remove this, simplify this or consolidate this with another element? This is an up and coming field of study – consider it in your design career options.

UI Design vs. UX Design: 

Medium.com: UI vs. UX

UI = how the product looks – the visual, the functionality of the buttons, where the navigation bar is, color scheme.

UX = journey, path, direction. Think mind maps, wireframes for websites, and the theory of Responsive Design. (the ability to scale content across multiple platforms and aspect ratios.)

Check out some examples of UI/UX designer portfolios on Behance:

UI Design – Collection in Motion

Fun Google Rebranding


Interested? Great article on Becoming a UI/UX Designer

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