How are we?

Hi students,

We are in the home stretch.. all classes have only one project left to turn in. I wanted to say how proud I am of all of you for your graceful transition to online learning and online critiquing. While this obviously isn’t as wonderful as seeing you in person, I can hear your sophisticated voices and helpful suggestions through your comments on Critique Hub. I can also see your design growth, despite not being able to help you in the classroom setting. I know for some of you, working “on your own” has been difficult, and you have excelled despite all. I have enjoyed watching your design skills -technical and conceptual – grow this semester and have enjoyed getting to know you, for the first time or 3rd semester!

Id like to ask you to take a minute to complete your Course Evaluation. This feedback is really important to me, and I value your anonymous responses greatly.

I can’t wait to see your last project! And then you will be DONE with this semester. 

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  1. Thanks professor for the great semester. I learned a lot with Illustrator. Wish I could take your Illustrator 2 class in the fall but I’m running out of electives! I’ll have to figure it out over the summer. Either way I will be visiting your website for all the great info you post. Thanks!

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