Good morning, favorite students! 

I wanted to reach out and provide some reassurance or a sense of calm. We are all having a lot of anxiety and sense of unknown about new words like “self-isolation,” “quarantine” and of course “COVID-19”. Please know that ultimately, your main job is to take care of yourself and your loved ones. We are all in this together, even if from 6 feet apart.

Also, let me state the obvious – this semester is going to be different. None of us know exactly what to expect, or how long this will continue. We have to be adaptable, realistic, and stay positive. For most of us artists and designers, quiet time is a virtue. I know I need a lot of it to keep producing beautiful things. Use this to your advantage!

Here is the plan for all classes:

We are going to continue with our assignments as posted here.

We are going to continue with 2-3 posts on the main page for inspiration, questions, and great resources to share.

We are going to commit to communicating regularly. (Through email, commenting on blog posts, anything!) I’d like for you to use this website to comment on blog posts and assignments so that they are public and we can set up some sort of dialogue.

We are going to make beautiful and well designed posters, patterns, animations and branding projects.

I will make sure each class website is updated weekly (as I would have anyway) – your job is to ask questions, comment or email any resources you’d like to share with the class and keep up your work.

Most classes have 2 projects left:

  •  Intro to Mac: Illustrator Branding and InDesign Newspaper Project.
  • Animation: Creative Animation and Character Animation
  • Design Fundamentals: Illustrator Typographic Self Portrait and Photoshop Collage
  • Illustrator 1: Pattern Design and Music Poster Design.


Im thinking I will set up a dropbox folder or google drive folder for you to turn in your projects – as I don’t want to overload my email with all of your large files. A link will be sent later this week. I’m also considering figuring out a way for us to have a critique

Please let me know if you have any questions or concerns, and lets start chatting (virtually of course) .

All the best, Professor Hopkins

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