Art Basel! Take a trip to Miami!

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1485542809294Hey students,

We are getting down to the wire on our semester.. So be sure to stay up to date on your last projects, deadlines and final critiques. As we are approaching the holidays and end of the fall semester, its time for ART BASEL 2019! (Dec. 5-8, 2019) 

If you have never been down to Miami for Art Basel, this is the time to go! It’s a whirlwind of art activities, events, and fairs to walk around. Art Basel is an international art fair that brings thousands of major artists, collectors, curators and art lovers together in Miami for one week.It’s art, fantastic people watching, parties and loads of fun all in one place. Art Basel is the big fair, but I personally prefer the spin-off fairs. (Pulse, Scope, Art Miami) Fairs are dispersed between Miami Beach, the Design District and Wynwood and are a wonderful place to see a bunch of cutting-edge art.

Here are some links:

1. Art Basel

2. Scope

3. Art Miami

4. Design Miami

5. Pulse


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