Studio visits…

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Hello students!

After lots of talk about politics.. lets bring things closer to home – your studio. 

Above is a photo of my studio, which changes all the time as well as a photo from my art opening at Wayne Akers Ford last weekend as part of the Fordistas Start Program. Also, stay tuned for information about my upcoming exhibit “Mark My Words” at the Palm Beach Cultural Council in March 2017!

Whether your studio is your sketchbook, your dining room table or a room for you own (Have you read Virginia Wolf’s “Room of One’s Own”? )… a studio is so important for an artist and designer. A place to be messy, to let ideas linger and work, work, work. Being an artist/designer is work! But little by little or “Bird by Bird” (as Anne Lamott says) you will have a hard drive of design files, a bookshelf full of sketchbooks and a body of work to exhibit. Trust in yourself.


Studios are important to both fine artists and graphic designers.. stumbled upon these cool links and wanted to share.

Artists and their studios

Artists and their studios (2)

Inspring Workspaces of the Famously Creative 


What does your “studio” look like? 

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