The Bauhaus movement

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Morning! Happy January.

As we start a new semester, I will repeatedly mentioned the significance and historical importance of the Bauhaus movement. My guess is many of you are not as aware of the history of Graphic Design you should be…

Thus: Here are some links on the Bauhaus movement – the single, most important movement of modern Graphic Design.

1. History of the Bauhaus (and a great link for other Graphic Design History)

2. Universal Type Face: Herbert Bayer

Highlights: A clear and modern message from design. Sans serif typefaces. Influence on textiles/fabric design. Set design school standards.

Historically Important Designers from the Bauhaus:

1. Walter Gropius – see his “cathedral of modern design” woodcut in the above slide show

2. Lazlo Moholy-Nage and images

The Bauhaus influenced the spatial relationships of painting as well as Design see: Kandinsky

As well as modern typeface design: i.e. Helvetica. (seen on street signs, etc)

And even current band album posters: See Franz Ferdinand and the influence of the Bauhaus and Constructivism.

This is an EXCELLENT article on the Bauhaus from Smashing Magazine. And Bauhaus pins on Pinterest

Even the current fashion trend of Color Blocking can be seen as an influence from the Bauhaus



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