Simplicity in Design

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Simplicity.. What is it? How can we strive for simplicity in our designs and in our lives? One of my personal goals for this semester is to simplify my life – streamline, pair down, purge, etc. Do you need to do this too?

Simplicity is a very big trend in design today and many people taught its connection to happiness. (If you are interested in this, this book is really great: Happiness Project. The Power of HabitSimple and Usable…

See these videos for some examples:

John Maeda on TED

Good Design Makes you Happy 

30 Bold and Clean Web Design

Best Minimal Web Design


Less is More: Fundamentals of Minimalist Web Design

NOT related:

A great article just published this week on the “Creative Class” 

How can WE make our lives simpler this semester? 😉 Open to suggestions…

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