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I’m recycling this post from last semester (sorry) – but its a good one for those of you who are new in my classes.

Fall in love with design magazines…

Many of you come to me to ask me… “What should I be doing?” “How can I get info on professional Graphic Design?” This is the time when you should not only be asking these questions.. but also doing research about your future career. In class I often talk about doing visual research – many of you are very web savvy, but remember that there are a lot more resources than are just online. .. 😉

Art and Design magazines should be in your rotation! Here are a bunch to get you started – these can be found at any local bookstore as well as our school library and often, your community library. They are FREE to look at – don’t forget about this great resource. Most of them have a portion of their magazine on their website, but honestly – the print versions are better.

Best Graphic Design:

Metropolis (Architecture + Design)



CMYK (emerging/student designers)

Best General Art Mags:

Art in America

Art Forum

Modern Painters


New American Paintings



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