Design habits…

Welcome back students!

Now that we are back from spring break feeling fresh … lets take a moment to think about our design habits.

What do you do everyday related to design? Sketchbook, homework assignments?

Poster Design – This designer is designing some really amazing posters based on daily newspaper articles. Thank you, Jillian for showing us this inspiring designer!

I’ve done many projects over the years where I set up a “system” for myself to work. This keeps me organized. Would a “system” help you? To me, art is like exercising.. you have to warm up in order to be able to run a marathon. Whatever your system is, keep at it and great things will happen…

Some ideas for routine habits:

1. Look at design blogs daily

2. Go to the library once a week to look at books

3. Once a month, check out a new local gallery

4. Sketch every day

5. Read Design Magazines once a month (library or bookstores have them to look at for FREE!)

6. Give yourself 15 mins every day to make a mess – not working on a school or client project (I do this!)

Do you have any BAD HABITS? Check out this site for some funny, and cliche bad habits for designers. All of us are guilty of a few..

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