Unique presentations

Multimedia presentations are everywhere… From interactive Prezi, to Pecha Kucha (20 images, 20 seconds – watch a few! Pecha Kucha shows “The art of concise presentations”) to the above simple, graphic and interesting video. I loved the message on connectivity and isolation. Anyone ever feel this way?

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  1. This video was absolutely brilliant and so true. We define ourselves by Social Network where everything is planned. Our profiles, our experiences and our memories. We control what we say when we say it, leaving out any true, genuine feeling, such as happiness, fear and even embarrassment. We no longer say the wrong thing because we can edit ourselves to become what we think we should be, and not who we truly are. (Yet we are becoming dumber because, in the age of information, we are lack it and we think we are right). We create and entire virtual life that looks more glamorous than reality, not allowing us to have any real experience. We create a virtual self so real, that we no longer get dumped out with the garbage, but we get deleted out of existence.

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