What is the future of Advertising?


After a great discussion in Graphic Design 1 on Thursday, I’m still thinking about the future of advertising.

What do you think? Does advertising need to change? Do ads change YOUR MIND? Thomas had a great comment about the current importance of “exclusivity” – the concept of seducing the consumer by making them feel special, “VIP”, “one-night-only” + pop-up stores. See above airplane infographic analogy for an interesting graphic representation.

Youthedesigner.com published this helpful article on Creative Ad Techniques

Fab.com is one of my personal favorite designer pop-up shops. In an age that is heavily dependent on “likes” and word of mouth advertising.. exclusivity/limited product availability seems like a great way to sell products. See this great NYTimes article on Word of Mouth advertising.

Check out this great article on why Design is the Future of Advertising.

Also.. in pure Mad Men style.. watch this TED video: “Life Lessons from an Ad Man”

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