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Hey students,

For returning students.. YES, I have posted this before.. but there are updates 😉 Be patient with me, there are always things I need to say again, like sketchbooks!

Now that we’ve gotten through those first introductions.. Let’s start talking about workspace. What does yours look like? What does your sketchbook look like? Your sketchbooks and your workspace is a reflection of how you process information and creative ideas. Look around…. Whether you only have a sketchbook and some files to call your own, or a table at home, or maybe even a corner of the room where you work, what does your space say about you?

The above images are from my home studio – as you can see, I believe in messy, creative spaces with lots of light! I try to be organized in life, but messy in the studio. Balance is key..

This website Work Place offers a glimpse into many artist/designers homes.

And this book that I have checked out from the school library every once in awhile, Sketchbook: Conceptual Drawings from the World’s Most Influential Designers is also pretty amazing.

Another great resource and inspiration for sketchbooks is looking Art House Coop’s Sketchbook Project  . I’ve participated in their projects many times, its good for practice as well as a chance to exhibit your work! In fact.. I am putting my 2012 sketchbook in the mail tomorrow – its off to travel the world, which is always fun to think about. I believe in alternating “serious” projects with fun ones.. This sketchbook project was a silly one that I completed in the weeks after my son was born and I was fuzzy, sleep deprived and just wanting to play. Find a KMH sketchbook project 2013 here.

Also.. recently stumbled upon this artist, and was jealous of her thick, experimental, messy sketchbook! 

I’ve enjoyed meeting all of you and look forward to your ideas!

Best, Prof. Hopkins

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