Weekly Inspiration: You are Fabulous

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Design inspiration from Fab.com this week!

Awesome books for aspiring graphic designers

Pop-up shop from the iconic Milton Glasner. (Anyone recognize the I (heart) NY logo?)

Jewelry for designers – I received the Helvetica necklace as a gift recently, love it!

Also, for my Graphic Design 1 students: This below video is not only entertaining, but has snippets of many of our assignments – including the ABC project, Pictographs, Ad Campaign, and ultimately the video serves as a 2 minute long infographic. Pretty fun. If you are interested in food science/healthy eating/cultural eating trends and you aren’t familiar with cultural icon, Michael Pollan – here is his website and list of books.


We all had interesting discussions based on the video I posted last week, Fotoshop by Adobe products. How Photoshop has changed how we view images and bodies in the media – check out this artist and her “Venus Project” who is redefining beauty from classic Renaissance paintings. What does this say about our society? How do YOU define beauty? What do you think about these?

2 thoughts on “Weekly Inspiration: You are Fabulous

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  1. Hello prof. Hopkins,
    I am glad to see you’re showing our video to your students, and have found ways to use it as a teaching tool. We made this film for RSA Competition, so if you wanna support us, visit —-> http://www.thersa.org/film-competition and cast your vote. Thanks so much for sharing our video. All the best.

    1. Hi Marjia,
      Great to hear from you. We loved your video and I will certainly encourage my students to vote for you for the contest! Good luck… amazing and inspirational animation. Best, Prof. H.

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