Graphic Design STUDENT CLUB

Hey students,

Breaking news! Lots of interest from all of you in a Design Club. So.. . Let’s get real and start it.

Brainstorming Meeting:

THIS FRIDAY (Feb. 3) at NOON in HU 209 (Design Lab)

We’ll brainstorm and organize ideas of what we want the club to be (social, networking, portfolio building, etc) as well as talk about designing a club logo, logistics such as electing officers, writing an agenda/bylaws and how often we should meet, amongst other things. See here for official things we have to do to get started.

We have to have at least 5 official student members to start a new club on campus, and I think there is enough interest to start one at this point.

If you cannot attend this Friday (I know its short notice) but are interested, please stay posted or contact me, as I will be updating with new information soon.

My Goal:

1. To be an official PBSC club by Spring Break and have a working blog linked to this one ASAP.

2. Oh.. and to have fun 😉

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