Critical Mass on Critical Thinking..

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Happy (delayed) October! Mid term semester is here and things are a little crazy. Take a moment to breathe, and remember that brainstorming is an important aspect of the design process. The above “left/right brain” graphics are from a recent Mercedes ad campaign that I thought were particularly beautiful.. and the rest are misc images that I felt were appropriate for this moment in the semester.

A term that has come up often is critical thinking – you as budding graphic designers should be familiar with this idea on a daily basis. This week, many of my classes have critiques on projects. You might have seen the “Thinker” around Palm Beach State College recently – critical thinking is a core focus these days.

Some great links on (If you aren’t familiar with this website, check it out. Online magazines you can sift through like a traditional publication!) : Ellen Lupton’s ” Graphic Design Thinking: Beyond Basic Brainstorming” 

In honor of my Graphic Design 1 classes taking a field trip to the Jaffe Center – I stumbled upon this link and thought all of you might enjoy this little snippet of “old and obsolete” technology being revisited digitally. I’m often “anti-app” but am thinking of springing for this one 😉 See it here at LetterMpress.  If you are interested in old type and letterpress technology, the Moveable Type Tour is coming in January.

Also stumbled upon this video by fellow Design Professor “Thinking Through Making“.. check it out, its pretty great.

Other news.. I’m swamped in grading all of your last projects and am knee deep in midterm grades. Expect both next week!

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