Today is the Day!

22 Aug


by Mama’s Sauce


22 Aug


The above graphic is a chart of famous artists, writers, philosophers and what their day consisted of… I love this so much. Obviously, we sleep most of the day away, but how you divide your waking hours is up to you. What are your patterns?

This post was also inspired by my recent reading of “Daily Rituals – How Artists Work”. Its a great book – highly recommend it.



My brain is exploding thinking about this chart of one minute.

I’m also going to recycle this post on Design Habits.

PBSC Scholarships available

19 Aug

Hey students:

This list of PBSC Foundation Scholarships was just released… Can’t hurt to try!

Guidelines are located here. 

DUE : Aug. 30!

Welcome back! Happy Fall 2016 Semester!

19 Aug

Hello new and returning students! I’m happy to be back and looking forward to all of our classes this semester.

Art and Design current class blogs at Palm Beach State College – Fall 2016

If you are a current student, please refer to these sites for our calendar as well as visual references, inspirational links, design tools and most importantly: assignments, requirements and deadlines!

Welcome to Art + Design at Palm Beach State College!
I will be updating this blog with inspiring design posts about once a week – otherwise, see your class blog for detailed schedules, assignments and tutorials. Welcome to Design at Palm Beach State College! If you are looking for a class syllabus, you can find it on my faculty home page.

The following classes have their own class blog, in addition to this umbrella main blog, to stay posted with: Dreamweaver and Multimedia Animation,  Illustrator 2 (I’m not teaching Photoshop 1/2, Intro to Mac Graphics or Graphic Design 1 this semester but you can always refer to the links for help or inspiration). Stay tuned for more information as the new semester settles in.

For all of my classes (and many other courses within the Graphic Design department) I use and online resources and videos a supplement to my own instruction. We will discuss this great resource of instructional video tutorials for the programs we are learning.

Email me with any questions you might have about classes, design, anything at all! My office door is always open to you…(My office is HU 123 – through the door marked, “Faculty Offices”)

Best, Professor Hopkins


25 Apr

Final portfolio week is here!

Thanks for a great semester, folks!

Hope to see you soon.. Keep me posted on your projects, progress and life.

It’s been a pleasure watching you grow as designers and artists.

Feel free to stop by my office anytime!

Congrats to Kimberly!

20 Apr

Congrats to my student, Kimberly Kreiger, from Illustrator 1 for winning the Palm Beach State College Earth Day Poster Contest! AWESOME!!



More beautiful library images to use

18 Apr


British Library – Copyright free antique illustration


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