Morikami exhibit: Deco Japan

13 Feb


098_Munetsugu-201x300.jpgThanks, Angela for making me aware of this exhibit! It looks really interesting.. I love anything having to do with the Art Deco movement and have never seen an exhibit like this. Mark your calendars.

Deco Japan: Shaping Art and Culture, 1920–1945

February 24, 2016–May 21, 2017 (Member Preview February 23)

Deco Japan is the first exhibition held outside of Tokyo dedicated to Japanese Art Deco. This exhibition provides dramatic examples of the spectacular craftsmanship and sophisticated design long associated with Japan and conveys the complex social and cultural tensions during the Taishō and early Shōwa periods (1912-1945). In these pre-war and war eras, artists and patrons created a Japanese modernism that signaled simultaneously the nation’s unique history and cosmopolitanism. The vitality of the era is further expressed through the theme of moga, or modern girl, the emblem of contemporary urban chic that flowered along with the Art Deco style in the 1920s and 1930s. Deco Japan includes nearly 200 works from the Levenson Collection, the world’s premier collection of Japanese art in the Deco style, including spectacular examples of metalwork, ceramics, lacquer, glass, furniture, jewelry, textiles, graphic design, painting, and printmaking.


Plus, Morikami is always a treat.

Facebook Redesign?

13 Feb

What do you think?


Best Bets: Illustrator 1

13 Feb

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Fantastic projects from Illustrator 1  and Intro to Mac students! Love these.


6 Feb

unknownMany of you know that I love for online, well designed and communicated videos to learn basically anything.. but their design library is fantastic! Just learned that if you have a Palm Beach County Library card,  (available free at any branch location), you access for FREE. (WHAT?!)

  • You will need the number on the card and your selected PIN
  • Once signed on, click on ONLINE RESEARCH, scroll down to EDUCATION – Click on
  • There will create a profile with your library card number and pick a password.




USE this great resource and save $25 a month!

Kenhinde Wiley

6 Feb

Stumbled upon this artist: Kenhinde Wiley. LOVE this video.

Cheat sheets

6 Feb

Earth Day Poster Contest

6 Feb

Call for Entries


Cash prize – worth a shot! I’ve had two students win this for the last two years. See this post for last years winner