Not to get political: but Get out and Vote!

26 Sep

Seriously guys… this is SERIOUS. Please get out and vote in this critical election. There are so many pressing issues, its hard to pick just one, but this is our FUTURE.


A good summary here on The Skimm

Register in Florida HERE

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Presidential Logo Design – what do you think?

History of : Atlas Obscura (new favorite website: just heard a great NPR story on their new book)

40 years of standards and practices in presidential logo design



And one of my favorite political logos ever: the Obama logo

See a great video from the designer, Sol Sender here


What did you think of the election debates this week? Lets talk about it. 

Skills: get more of them!

26 Sep

Unknown.jpegI’ve mentioned Skillshare a few times in classes already. In addition to its a great online resource for learning. Obviously learning in the classroom is paramount, but Skillshare provides a huge amount of options, genre and particularly has great design courses with big name designers.

Here is Steven Heller, (one of my favorite designers) on

“The Designers Guide to Writing and Research”

Other prominent graphic designers that have videos on Skillshare include:

Julia Rothman

Aaron Draplin: Best new book in my library: Pretty Much Everything

Ellen Lupton

Jessica Hische

Paula Scher

Chip Kidd


Slow dance

26 Sep

A Picture Frame Powered by Strobe Lights Turns Everyday Objects into Slow Motion Sculptures


19 Sep

Design Apps

19 Sep

Lots of new apps out there! Check them out


Prisma + Instagram #prisma

Nytimes article

Magnus (Shazam for art!)

Nytimes Article

Parallax scrolling + design history + vector amazingness

15 Sep



Interior Design by Decade

Pineapples are everywhere

12 Sep

Bechance: Pineapples